5 Misconceptions on Adoption and The Truths Behind Them

5 Misconceptions on Adoption and The Truths Behind Them

Adoption is beautiful. It provides the adopting parents the chance to have someone they can call a son or daughter. It gives the adopted child the chance to live a life under the loving care of responsible parents. Adoption also enables the birth parents to have reprieve knowing that their child will have the best life. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about adoption that can influence your view about the process. This post will look at the five common misconceptions about adoption and the truths behind them.

The Risks of Adopting are Too high

Some people believe the risks of adopting a child in the US is too much and that the process is very expensive. According to statistics, over 18,000 Americans successfully adopt children every year. The total cost of adoption ranges between $20,000 and $40,000, depending on the circumstances under which the adoption takes place. There are so many ways adopting families can offset the cost of adaption. They can request for federal government grants, adoption tax credit and loans.

The Birth Parents are Usually Immature and Young

This is another common misconception about adoption. Though cases of extremely young mothers do occur, it does not necessarily mean that all birth mothers are immature and young. In fact, most adoptions involve birth mothers who are above 22 years old and have made a well thought-out decision to give their children for adoption. This may be after they realize that they have no financial capability to raise the child, or they are addicted to drugs to the point where they can’t take care of their children well.

It Takes Years to Finally Adopt a Child

Some people believe that it takes years to finally adopt a child. Adoption usually takes 40 weeks from the time of pregnancy, not years. However, because of certain complications that might come up, some adoption take up to two years, which still makes sense. You are unlikely to take five or six years like most people think.

Birth Parents Can Reclaim Their Child

Many adopting parents fear that the birth parents will one day come and claim their child. This is not necessarily true. There is a legal framework that governs adoption processes in the US. As long you have followed the due diligence, there is no way the birth parents can come to claim back their child. Once you have finalized the adoption in court, and you are given a certificate, the child remains yours forever.

Adoption Agencies Coerce Women into Placing Their Children for Adoption

Adoption agencies do not coerce women or persuade them to place their children under their care. They are regulated and closely monitored by the government to ensure that they carry out their duties ethically and according to the constitution. Their goals is to guide birth parents make wise choices and decide what is best for their child, not to persuade or influence them.

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