What to Look for in Data Recovery Services

What to Look for in Data Recovery Services

It can be catastrophic for a company not to be able to access pertinent data that is needed  to run their business due to a disk drive failure or a virus. Or, a newlywed couple may lose their wedding photos that they had on their laptop due to accidentally getting it wet. It is possible to access data again- with the help of a Data Recovery Services Company.

Let’s take a look at some of the services that these types of companies may offer, so that you know what to look for in data recovery services.

First are the basic repairs that can be performed to retrieve your data:

  1. Hard drive disk repair – This is where the hard disk drive is repaired so that it operates in a suitable state, so that the data can be retrieved.
  2. Creating an image of the drive and then moving it to a desk image file or a new drive – It is important to retrieve data off the drive as soon as possible when a hard drive fails, as it is wanted to prevent any further possible data loss from occurring. Creating this image of the drive ensures that there is a copy of the data elsewhere. Which allows testing to be performed without harming the data you want to be kept safe.
  3. Recovery of master boot record, MFT, partition, and files – After the second step is completed, this is where it should be figured out if the system failed logically or not. It may be possible to repair the table, MBR, and MFT in order to review the data structure and retrieve the data that is needed.
  4. From the files that were retrieved, repairs will be made if possible – There are many reasons as to why data damage may occur. These may include damage from a virus or hacker, hard drive failure, media decay, natural type disaster, just to name a few. Damaged or corrupted files will be recovered if possible in several different methods including using several different software solutions and manually removing the files.

If you require something a little more advanced, some service companies offer around the clock data protection and one-click data recovery if a disaster were to occur.  Depending on the type of organization you may be whether a school, retail establishment, law practice, healthcare organization, financial services, etc.  companies offer packages catered specific to your individual needs.  Some packages offer instant disaster recovery, automated testing, cloud, protected storage, and different levels of various other types of protection per plan type. Depending on your needs, around the clock protection is something to consider so that you are able to have your data back within a short period of time.

Companies offer a range of services, when it comes to data recovery. Depending on your personal or company needs, you may only need a few services or all of them. You need to find a company you can trust to help you through the process and to explain what they offer in great detail, before you agree to their services.

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