The Top Wedding Trends of 2015

The Top Wedding Trends of 2015

Your wedding day is your ultimate chance to make an amazing impression on others. No matter how big your budget is, where you want to celebrate the occasion or even what your dress looks like, you can’t wait to share your big day with your loved ones. When planning your wedding, draw some inspiration from the top wedding trends of 2015.

Going Country

The popularity of the social networking website Pinterest gave brides and those who love weddings the chance to share themes and ideas with others. Some of the top viewed boards in 2015 were those dedicated to country themed weddings. Some couples went all out with ceremonies and receptions that took place in barns with guests sitting on bales of hay and drinking out of mason jars, but other couples kept things simple with similar decorations used in outdoor venues.

More Drinks

According to Deborah Witt, some of the hot trends of 2015 involved more alcohol and more drinks. Witt found that many couples went the traditional route with champagne poured into glass stacked in old-fashioned towers. She also learned that a large number of couples opted for microbrew beers, carefully crafted bourbon and special drinks created in their honor.

Unique Dresses

In a special TODAY report, the television show covered the growing trend of bridges choosing less traditional and more unique wedding dresses. One hot trend is the two-piece dress, which looks like a classic wedding dress but actually features a separate dress and top. The TODAY report also found that brides want new and unique accessories for their wedding days, including statement making pieces like clunky modern necklaces and bold earrings in bright colors.

Going Geek

Going geek is another hot trend among brides and grooms today. The hoopla surrounding the new Star Wars films led to many couples planning Star Wars themed weddings with Princess Leia and Han Solo cake toppers, gift bags with characters printed on the front and quotes from the film written on their wedding cakes. Many couples also use elements from other films, video games and television shows in their weddings, including Dr. Who, Star Trek and even My Little Pony.

Your wedding day is your chance to celebrate your special day and show your love for your new spouse, but it’s also your chance to show the world your personality. Going geek, wearing a unique dress and accessories, hosting an outdoor wedding and treating guests to special drinks are just a few of the hottest wedding trends of the year.


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