The Secret to Choosing the Best Sofa for Your Living Room

The Secret to Choosing the Best Sofa for Your Living Room

A new sofa can make the difference between a comfortable living room and one that seems like it should be on a showcase floor. Whether it’s time to buy a new sofa or not, there are a few secrets of choosing the best one for the living room in your home no matter what size room you have.

Size Matters
Before you start looking at sofas that offer the best cushions or one that you can stretch out on with the family, consider the size of the living room. You might not have the space for a large sectional or a couch that has recliners on both ends. Measure the area of the living room so that you get a couch that fits comfortably inside instead of looking like it takes up the entire room.

Design Techniques
Take everything out of the room, and look at the way the sofa and accessories will be arranged. You might have to do a mental picture, but once you get an idea as to how you want the room to look with the new sofa, then it will make it easier to decide on the style of sofa that will look best. Think about the area of the room where everyone will be facing as this can play a part in the kind of sofa that you should get. You should also think about where the end tables or a coffee table will be positioned in the room.

After you know why you want to use the sofa, you can start thinking about the shape that you want in the room. Gone are the days of a sofa that has a rectangle shape. There are couches that are in an L-shape and those that are curved. If you have a large family, then you might want to consider a sectional. A curved sofa can provide an elegant look while offering a way to relax as well.

If you have children, then you might not want to get a couch that is made of leather or a material that can easily be stained. Think about the people who will be on the couch so that you get the best material possible. You might want to consider something that is resistant to stains if you have children or pets so that it’s easier to keep clean. White is a brilliant color that can match other colors in the room, but it’s hard to keep clean. Consider a cotton material that is soft and easy to maintain. Brown and beige are good colors to have on the sofa to hide some small stains and pet hairs if you don’t clean every day.

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