Satellite Communication: Can we Survive without it?

Satellite Communication: Can we Survive without it?

It’s hard to believe that 20 years cell phones, satellite TV and internet didn’t really exist in mainstream society. Looking over the last 20 years it truly is amazing to see the technology growth the world has been through. Businesses, travel, schools, people and military have come to rely heavily on satellite communication.

Airlines are just one area that rely on satellite communication. When a plane is in trouble, satellite communication enables the pilots to communicate with the tower. It also enables the tower to know where planes are. When a plane goes down, satellite communication is used to alert authorities as to where they can locate the plane. For example when Germanwings flight crashed, authorities knew exactly where the plane went down due to satellite communication between the pilot and the tower. The pilot communicates via signals that are sent to satellites and are then sent back to other pilots and towers around the world. This is how it’s done. Without satellite communication airplane traffic control would be a nightmare.

People use satellite communication on a daily basis around the word. We use it to make cellphone calls, watch satellite TV and access the internet. Without satellites we wouldn’t be able to make calls to 911, family, work. We wouldn’t be able to access the internet, or pay bills on line either.

Schools use internet to access homework, instructions, classes and attend remote conferences. Students log in to access their homework and transmit it to back to their teacher. In addition, some schools offer completely online classes. How do you think these are made possible? Satellites, of course! without satellite communication, schools would be thrown back to in-class only options, traveling to conferences and higher costs of having to print out everything.

Business has boomed thanks to satellite communication. People can pay online, pay via their credit and debit cards and can view a business’ webpage to see what they offer. They also use the internet to order products that they would otherwise have to pay much higher price due to location. Without satellites, businesses would be stuck with a cash or check method of payment, would have higher cost due to having to purchase supplies locally and not be able to spread advertising across the globe.

A world without satellite communication would move at a much slower rate. Faxes wouldn’t be able to be sent across the world, internet wouldn’t be available like it is now and travel would slow due to archaic equipment. Businesses wouldn’t be as plentiful or readily accessible as they are today. Schools would be in a world of hurt due to the higher cost of having to print every piece of paper instead of posting it on the web. Also, the availability of online classes would cease to exist. The world would definitely be more separated and much of what we use today would become inaccessible.

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