Quality over Quantity: Diversifying your Cigar Collection

Quality over Quantity: Diversifying your Cigar Collection

Do you find yourself falling back on the same tried-and-true cigars every time you light up? While there’s nothing wrong with having a few favorites to fall back on, it’s important to diversify your cigar collection. Not only does this help you improve the overall value of your collection, but it can make you a favorite among friends. Everyone will look to you as ‘the guy’ when it comes to cigars. That said, it’s important to make proper choices when diversifying your collection so that you focus on quality rather than quantity. One high-quality cigar is more valuable than a dozen cheap cigars you can pick up at the corner store.


The first thing to focus on is the humidor. If you do not have a high quality, reliable humidor, find one; it’s pointless to diversify your cigar collection if they all go bad and dry out before you can smoke them. There are a number of places to purchase humidors from, but the key is to invest in one that is reliable. Check reviews before you buy.

The next step is simple. Think of the different types of cigars you like. You shouldn’t invest in cigars you’d never enjoy. Once you know the types of cigars you would be most interested in, go to your local smoke shop and ask for recommendations. The proprietor will be able to give you advice on finding similar flavors that might suit your palate.


Try different kinds of cigars. Experiment. When you find one you like, purchase a few. Rinse and repeat this process until your collection has a bit more variety in it.


Of course, that’s only the basics. You can also join cigar clubs, visit a cigar bar to try out new flavors you may not find elsewhere. Another element to consider is the shape of your cigar; rather than going with the standard shape, try a torpedo. If that doesn’t suit you flavor, try a pyramid. These concentrate flavors and aromas on the palate. There are a number of different shapes including corona, petite corona, torpedo, and many more. Make sure to try them all.


Some types of cigars also have different amounts of smoke, and this can greatly affect the texture and flavor of the cigar itself. Do you know whether you prefer thin smoke or thick smoke? Creamy or bland? All of these should be taken into consideration as you move into new realms of cigars.


No matter whether you’re a long-time smoker or a newbie coming into the cigar arena, it’s important to consider what works for you and what your preferences are. Don’t let yourself stagnate. Change things up a bit and try out new flavors.


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