Print Marketing Tactics that Increase Brand Awareness

Print Marketing Tactics that Increase Brand Awareness

First things first, get past the “all or nothing” approach to marketing that’s often pushed by energetic marketing execs with visions of all things digital. While there are many wonderful things about reaching out to customers online, print marketing tactics can successfully be incorporated into your brand-building strategy.

Direct Mail

Direct mail includes print mailers, weekly circulars and catalogs – each considered among the most reliable forms of print marketing. Weekly circulars are usually targeted to specific communities with customers likely to frequent your store in person rather than online. Direct mail increases brand awareness by:

• Fine-tuning your mailing list based on responses (to increase the odds of reaching customers likely to be receptive to your marketing)
• Targeting customers in a way that’s not so intrusive (annoyed customers aren’t likely to be loyal to your brand)
• Subtly directing more traffic to your online platforms (by referencing your website and social media links on all printed materials)

Magazine Advertising

Just because you can reach the masses doesn’t mean they’ll be interested in your products or services. With magazine advertising, you’re more likely to generate interest from consumers who’ll decide to take a closer look at your ad on their own terms. Brand awareness is further increased through magazine advertising by:

• Using readership demographics (to better target the same consumers you target with other marketing efforts)
• Enhancing credibility (customers are more likely to see your brand as credible when you advertise in well-respected magazines)
• Offering a subtle brand reminder (in a way that’s not as in your face as online marketing)

Trade Journal Advertising

For B2B marketing, trade journal advertising will reach those consumers more effectively than magazine advertising. As with magazine marketing, you can base your placement decisions on the reader demographics of each publication. Placement in prominent trade journals also adds credibility to your brand in a way that’s not as easy to verify online.

Custom Signs and Banners

Printed signs and banners can be placed at community events your business sponsors. Custom signs can also be placed on service vehicles to increases brand awareness in communities you serve on a regular basis.

Business Cards

Well-designed business cards can be handed out at trade shows or community events to further boost brand awareness. Even with the natural desire to Google everything, customers still have a tendency to grab for handy business cards they may have in their car, purse, wallet or around the house, especially they’ve already had positive experiences with your business.

Regardless of the form it takes, brand marketing is more effective when successfully utilizing multiple methods. Recent trends in print marketing, notably the fact that fewer magazines and product mailers are being sent, mean that customers are more likely to notice an effective print ad.

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