Is Apple Developing a Car?

Is Apple Developing a Car?

There’ve been rumors circulating, for quite some time now, that Apple Inc. may possibly be developing an Apple Car. Some rumors suggest it may even be a self-driving vehicle similar to the ones that other large telecommunications companies are currently developing. 

Has Apple entered into the race to build a fully-automated passenger vehicle? There have been several instances over the last few years that suggest that Apple is getting geared up to dazzle the public with their latest in vehicular innovations. While some of these developments may suggest an interest in auto-motives, some seem less supportive of this possibility. 

Recruiting Experts in Automotive Fields

For years, Apple has been gathering talent from many different industries; however, a surprisingly large number of these talent are coming from automotive companies. Executives, engineers, and recruiters from leading car companies are being lured away by Apple and their new plans for the future. This move has many people suspecting that those professionals are now being used to develop car technology for Apple instead; thus giving them a technological advantage.

Apple Appealing For Testing Time

Just recently, there have been documents released suggesting that Apple is attempting to get testing time at the GoMentum Station; a naval base which has been converted into a testing facility for self-driving vehicles. This suggests that Apple may already have a vehicle design, or prototype that they need to test and that it is probably self-driving or automated. Automated vehicles have been popular projects for some of the worlds’ leading telecommunications companies. If they are trying to get test time, Apple may be further ahead in their development timeline than anyone has previously realized.

Too Much Talent Acquired From Battery Company?

A123 Systems, a leading manufacturer of electric car batteries, is suing Apple for enticing a majority of its development engineers away to Apple Inc. A123’s batteries can be found in some of the worlds’ most popular hybrid electric cars; they are claiming that Apple’s actions have devastated the company.

Is There Any Real Proof?

As the facts are accumulating, it’s easy to see why the buzz is out there for the possibility of an Apple car. However, with each case, there is also the possibility that Apple could be developing just another car technology similar to the new CarPlay system recently introduced by Apple. CarPlay is an interactive in-dash system for personal vehicles.

Is it possible that Apple is just trying out some other new automotive technology other than a car? Of course there is that possibility; however, most news and technology sources seems to be sure that a new Apple car will be rolling out in the foreseeable future. 

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