Important Things to Remember When Deciding on Bridal Shoes

Important Things to Remember When Deciding on Bridal Shoes

One of the most significant things that many brides will obsess about when planning their wedding is choosing the right dress. However, after the wedding dress is selected, a bride’s attention will quickly avert to other aspects of her look, such as her hair, her veil and her makeup. With most bridal gowns, the bride’s choice of shoes will only be visible for a short period of time throughout the day. However, the shoes nonetheless should be chosen with care. As you make your selection about which wedding shoes to wear, keep these points in mind.

The Shoes Will Be Seen By Everyone
Even if your wedding gown sweeps across the floor when you walk, your choice of footwear will be seen by everyone. There is, after all, a critical point in most receptions when the groom lift’s the bride’s dress and removes the garter, and this will be a photographed and celebrated part of the reception. While this is the most common point in a wedding when the bride’s shoes are seen and focused on, there may be other points as well, such as if the bride is sitting down at a reception table.

Comfort Is Critical
Most brides will be in their wedding shoes for many long hours, and most of this time will be spent on your feet. You do not want your wedding day ruined by a poor footwear choice, so consider finding shoes that you will be comfortable walking down the aisle in, standing up in the church in and dancing the night away at the reception in. If your venue is unique, such as at a beach wedding, look for suitable footwear for the venue.

They Can Reflect Your Sense of Style
You may choose a wedding gown that reflects your sense of style, but you also need to choose shoes that reflect your style as well. Some brides will even make a bold statement about their personality by choosing toe wear cowboy boots, sneakers or some other type of shoes that more accurately reflect who they are as a person than their wedding dress does. Because the shoes can be a focal point at times, such as when the garter is removed, the personality and style of the shoes can add a unique element to the wedding.

When you are planning your wedding day outfit, you may opt for a simple pair of beautiful white heels. On the other hand, you may choose something that is more suitable for your comfort, the venue or your unique sense of style. There are many things to think about to make a great decision about your wedding shoes, and these are among the top factors to consider.


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