How to Make Money Off Old Tech Devices

How to Make Money Off Old Tech Devices

Old tech isn’t really old. Just because you don’t use it anymore doesn’t mean it’s a complete goner. Most tech still has value. You never know how valuable it may be to someone across the world. Here are some tips to make money off electronics you thought were “junk”.

Sell For Parts

Broken phones have a relatively high resell value. While they won’t net you as much as selling a still functional phone, there is still a market for phone parts. The best places to sell an old phone for parts is eBay by far. There are plenty of phones that sell just for parts on the site, so it’s not like you’re stepping into uncharted territory.

Pawn Shops

You won’t get the most money return by giving your old electronics back to a dealer, but it’s still a good way to make some cash. It’s a great tip to try and look up selling prices online for the particular device you’re giving away so you don’t get scammed. More likelier than not the dealer may just take you up on your offer, so it’s always a possibility to try.


By far the most popular choice, many websites and companies offer programs where they offer you cash for your old electronics. The amount of cash they offer is dependent mostly on the state of the device, but the rates may be extremely good to downright insulting. Here are some trade-in programs to take a look at and offer a relatively fair price rate.


NextWorth takes in practically every type of electronic device out there. They offer you a quote for the item you are trading in (good for 30 days) and pay via Discover prepaid card, check, Target gift card, or Paypal.
Best feature: NextWorth isn’t just found online. It can be found in many locations around the country.


One of the most popular trading sites around, Gazelle accepts just about every electronic device you can think of and offers really good rates on its trade-ins. Gazelle pays you via check, PayPal, or an Amazon gift card.
Best Feature: Gazelle offers a higher rate on old devices traded in during the following days after a new device is released.

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon offers its own trade-in program that gives Amazon gift cards in exchange for the items traded in.
Best Feature: Amazon takes not only electronics, but books, CDs, DVDs, and other items.

Visit here for more sites.

Sell It Online!

Some methods never die. And this is one of them. It’s never a bad idea to just go ahead and sell your old gear on eBay or other sites. Just make sure your devices are too outdated. Here are some more great tips here. Hopefully these tips will help you when you try to get rid of your old tech.

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