How to Extend the Life of Your Wooden Fence and Deck

How to Extend the Life of Your Wooden Fence and Deck

The visual appeal of a wooden fence and value of a wooden deck are reasons enough to make sure that each are maintained properly so that they can last for years to come.

Exactly how to go about doing that can be tough, but by taking the following steps, success can be achieved in both circumstances.

For wooden fences

Power Washing or Elbow Grease

At some point, mildew can afflict a fence from rain and/or snow continually pelting down on it. Therefore, using a garden hose and purchasing some mildew cleaner should be able to handle things, or you can be basic and simply rely on soap and water to do the job. While the use of a pressure washer would be an ideal way to clean a wooden fence, that may not be an option or may be out of the price range of a home owner.

Regular Maintenance

Every year, certain fence areas begin to show wear and tear, so it makes sense to address these issues. Buying water seal and staining the fence before painting it offers a protective cover needed for long life. However, nails on a picket fence will eventually rust and fall out. They obviously need to be replaced, as does any wood that’s begun to rot, while any fence door hinges and locks should be lubricated to make sure they stay in solid working order.

For wooden decks

Dealing with Bugs

A wooden deck runs the risk of becoming a home for certain insects that, if afforded the opportunity, can do real damage to a deck. This occurs when they start building nests, so make sure to do regular checks. As with wooden fences, staining and painting will prove to be an asset, as will not keeping lights on all night. In the latter case, that only serves as a magnet for those insects.

Keeping Things Clean

Make a point to brush off any leaves and other items off a deck, since they have a tendency to keep rainwater and other liquids close to the surface, something that could rot the wood. Any other buildup of water is most likely to take place in the joints, beams or posts, which can affect the structure itself. For regular cleaning of the deck, either natural bristles or those made of nylon are the safest bet, since wire ones can mar the look of the deck.

An Easy Decision

Homeowners invest a good deal of money in their wooden fences and decks, so it stands to reason that protecting that investment at minimal cost is the right path to travel.

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