Go Big or Go Home: Are Tiny Homes the New “Big” Deal?

Go Big or Go Home: Are Tiny Homes the New “Big” Deal?

There have been news articles and television shows about homes that people have designed that include luxury furniture and rooms that seem to be the size of an ordinary home. There is another idea that home owners have been leaning toward, and that’s to live in smaller houses. These tiny homes are about the size of a shed or a camper. Everything that is needed to live comfortably is included in the home, but the overall size of the house is much smaller than one you would typically see. There are some advantages to living in a small home, the cost being one of them.

A smaller home is less expensive than one that is a larger size. You can often spend less than $20,000 purchasing a tiny home. You don’t need as much furniture on the inside, so you won’t spend as much money in that area, either. Wiring the home isn’t as expensive since there isn’t as much space to connect to the electricity. The overall cost is one of the primary reasons as to why many people are choosing the tiny home as they can buy the home and own it without spending the hundreds of thousands of dollars that some homes are worth.

If you don’t like to clean, then a smaller home is ideal. There is usually a living area and kitchen, a bathroom and a sleeping area. These are the only areas that need to be cleaned. It won’t take as long to clean the home because there isn’t the same amount of square footage that you see in a larger home. While it can take a day to clean a larger home, you might be done cleaning a tiny home in a few hours.

When the home is smaller, the maintenance isn’t as detailed. The roof is smaller, so even if you have to replace the entire roof, it’s still less expensive and doesn’t take as much time as some of the typical repair jobs of a standard home. If you have a front porch, you will see that it’s easier to repair any boards that are broken as there aren’t as many that make up the space. There aren’t a lot of maintenance issues in a tiny home as you don’t have the extra space that often seems to have things go wrong.

Tax Value
Since you are living in a smaller home that doesn’t cost as much money, your tax rate will likely be significantly lower. You won’t need as much land, either, which can have an effect on your taxes as well. The money saved can go toward getting a new car or even adding a room to the tiny home.

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