Fundraising Timing: When to Plan Your Next Event

Fundraising Timing: When to Plan Your Next Event

A fundraiser is a fun way for schools, churches and organizations to raise money for needed items or to pay for a trip that might be taken. The money can also be used to give to someone else who might be ill or need a necessity in life, such as a house or a car. There are many reasons to hold a fundraiser, but there are a few tips to keep in mind in the planning of the event.

Close Together
Some fundraisers seem like they are held within a few weeks of each other. This is one mistake you want to avoid. Decide on how many fundraisers that can easily be done through the year. Try to avoid holding a fundraiser while other schools or organizations are holding one at the same time. Keep the fundraisers spread out through the year so that buyers won’t feel like they have to spend money each month. You could hold one fundraiser toward the beginning of the year and one in the middle. This gives some time for people to save a little extra money for items as long as you advertise the event.

Once you have the time frame of the fundraiser, you need to come up with a calendar. This should be something basic, but you want to get across as much information as possible. Include the beginning date of the event as well as when the event will close. An important date that you need to include is when all money is due. There should be dates when people can turn in money with small prizes possibly being given based on the number of items that are sold.

Think about the major holidays through the year. This could be an advantage in selling more items for the fundraiser. If you sell items that will be used for the holiday anyway, then people might be more inclined to buy from your group instead of getting them from a store. An example would be Christmas. There are fundraising ideas for wrapping paper, gift bags and other items with a Christmas theme. Make sure the items are back before the holiday, and try to make prices as fair as possible.

Major Events
If there is a major event taking place, then you might want to plan the fundraiser for a later date. Such events could include a death in the school or business or a disaster that is taking place in the country or the world. Some might donate money to disaster relief funds instead of buying items from a fundraiser. This could impact the amount of money that is received for your cause. A follow up plan is often a good idea in this situation so that you can change the date if the fundraiser has already been set.


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