Five Creative Ways To Decorate Your Door This Fall

Five Creative Ways To Decorate Your Door This Fall

Our doors serve as the entryway to our abode and the first place we greet and welcome guests, thus it holds a significant place in our homes. The arrival of fall hearkens the time of year where we are frequently welcoming holiday or seasonal guests, and offers many opportunities for beautiful door decorations. Here are 5 creative ways you can bring festivity to your entryway by decorating your door this fall.

1. Use Natural Foliage
This time of year, the colors of fall are all around us, so it would be a waste not to take advantage of some the leaves, pine cones, and nuts that are either clinging to trees or falling on the ground. Some ways of using foliage include hanging a small weave basked in the center of your door and using it as a vase to create a beautiful arrangement of of leaves and fall blooms. You can also glue or shape your foliage into a wreathe, and using gold spray paint to add some sparkle to your pine cones.

2. Use Harvest Items
There are so many ways of embellishing your front door with harvest decorations, and there is no better way of reminding visitors of the splendors of fall than by decking your door with pumpkins, corn stalks, and decorative gourds. You can get even more creative with your pumpkins by using stencils and paint to add a monogram to them or spelling welcoming or seasonal words.

3. Seasonal Crafts
If you’re a crafty person, or you have kids who want to take part in door decorating, then you can make it a family activity by making your own decorations. There are many fall-themed crafts such as painting acorns, making your own leaves, and cut-outs in the shape of pumpkins, birds, or letters to create your own greeting sign.

4. Try Out Chalkboard Paint
Chalkboard paint allows you to turn any surface (wood, metal, plaster, paper-board, or hardboard) into a chalkboard. You can make your own custom greeting sign and then surround it with some of the aforementioned fall decor to create a unique and welcoming front door.

5. Garlands
Display a garland around your door to create a grander and more festive entrance. Garlands serve as a great place for weaving lights, and you can further embellish your garland by stringing small pine cones, and adding gold bows, acorns or other small touches.

By incorporating some of these ideas to your door, you’ll great a cheery and inviting atmosphere for you, your family, and other guests. Door decorating isn’t just great for creating the holiday spirit for those inside the home, but also for those in the community as well.

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