Does a Sales Pitch Affect the Outcome of the Sale?

Does a Sales Pitch Affect the Outcome of the Sale?

The art of the effective sales pitch has been a matter for hot debate since the advent of the first sale. Ask any salesperson what they think the most effective pitch is to make a sale and you will likely get many different answers. However, there are some strategies that have a greater potential to generate a sale…as well as some strategies that are less likely to have sales-making potential.

How Selling is Like Dating
In many ways, selling is just like dating. If you want someone to go out with you, you have to be able to generate some allure. Have you ever noticed that when one person wants you, suddenly everybody else seems to want you too? You can harness the same power with your sales pitch.

Conversely, if you seem oh-so available, desperate to be picked, desperate to be liked, the dates (and the prospects) somehow just seem to sense it is best to steer clear.

Authenticity Works Wonders (in Sales and in Life)
There is a reason that salespeople sometimes seem to get a bad rap. Their reputation precedes them. If you want a primer on the art of the insincere compliment, just ask a salesperson.

On the other hand, the old cliche that states that people buy from people, not from companies holds equally true. People buy because there is a relationship forming – one that they trust and believe is authentic. Salespeople who can strike that fine balance between making their sales quotas and doing so in an authentic and trustworthy manner will be today’s sales success stories.

Demand Sells Supply
There is also a balance to be struck between too much demand and too much supply. Salespeople who head out into the field (or onto the phone or email) with an attitude of panic and frustration can easily and without even realizing it communicate their anxiety to their prospects. Infusing your pitch with the desperation of moving excess inventory will most often result in even more excess inventory.

But you also don’t want to make the product sound so in demand that the customer will need to become your new best friend in order to score a supply. While this kind of confidence can feel good if you are the salesperson, to the prospect it tends to feel scary and off-putting.

So the long answer is that yes, a sales pitch absolutely can and typically does affect the outcome of the sale. Only by carefully choosing your words, approaching prospects the way you like to be approached, monitoring your own energy and attitude and being authentic in your pitch will you meet your quotas.

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