Buying Smart: Utilizing Deals with Cheap Little Cigars

Buying Smart: Utilizing Deals with Cheap Little Cigars
Little Cigars: Tasty Flavor, Smart Price
Cigars, long brown sticks typically clenched between men’s teeth, have a new size, color, taste and customer base. When smokers inhale, chocolate, white grape, pineapple, strawberry, grape, vanilla, cherry, Da Bomb Blueberry flavors, saturate the taste buds with delight. Like magnets, young smokers are tantalized with these popular flavors.

Philly blunt cigars, Good Time flavored cigarillos, Moontrance cigars and a cadre of additional cheap flavored cigarillos and cigars have taken the tobacco industry by storm. From gas stations to convenience stores, the brightly colored designs are eye-catching to young and old. Many are located next to candy shelves awaiting mouth-watering buyers ready for a fruity or chocolate taste.

The rise in cheaper cigars has offset lower cigarette sales, which has crippled the tobacco industry. A landmark congressional law passed in 2009 to prevent young smokers access to flavored cigars has been weakened by the small tasty cigarettes that are more appealing. More than half of convenience store and gas station cigar sales are flavored cigars. The addiction and taste is so immense until people pay for them with change.

Cigars have a more distinct taste as they are cured differently from cigarette tobacco and are wrapped in cigar wrappers unlike cigarettes which are wrapped in paper. Within the past 10 years cigars have infused the tobacco industry. On a national average, about one in six young adults, ages 18 to 24, smoke cigars, compared to two percent of people over age 65, according to federal research. Cigars are stylish and young people smoke them to emulate their favorite rappers and singers.

While hand rolled cigars may be a luxury for older men, the new generation of small cigars has taken center stage showcasing tasty flavors that appeal to new generations of people. Customers who purchase small cigars may not have $6.50 for a pack of cigarettes, but can buy a flavored cigar for 99-cents or $1.70 cents. Typically, a pack of 20 small cigars cost approximately $2. In comparison, a pack of cigarettes is about $6. To learn more about little cigars read The New York Times article “In All Flavors, Cigars Draw In Young Smokers.”

These new smaller and filtered cigars resemble cigarettes and are easier to inhale, potentially increasing the amount of carcinogens ingested into the body. Smoking smaller cigars does not reduce the risk of obtaining diseases associated with smoking. The market for smaller cigars has been affected by an increase in taxes. However, the flavorful sensation created by flavorful cigars and cigarillos has not slowed sales, especially among young adults. To learn more about flavored cigars compared to cigarettes read the Huffington Post article “9 Things to Think About When Thinking About Cigars – – Little or Big.”

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