Best Cities to Open a Laundromat Business

Best Cities to Open a Laundromat Business
Opening A Laundromat In Stellar Cities
Opening a Laundromat in Davis, California is an easy way to make money. Last year, three of four laundromats closed in the city with a population of 66,205 people. The only laundromat left in town is the Laundry Lounge, which serves the city known as a college town in the Sacramento Valley.

Although Laundry Lounge is offering free taxi service to pick up dirty clothes for washing, the customer must pick them up when ready. A good idea, but still an inconvenience for most people. Despite efforts to extend business hours, the laundromat still falls short of the drastic need for another or several additional state-of-the art laundromats in Davis.

The inconvenience of driving a distance to wash clothes has left city officials with a plan to assist start-up laundry businesses launched in Davis. The city is primed for a new laundromat that’s afforded the opportunity to distinguish itself as the new kid in town. Customers today are not only seeking convenient locations, but laundromats with extra benefits attract more users with unique customer service.

Driving a distance with duffle bags filled with dirty clothes and laundry detergent is inconvenient, but necessary. To learn more about laundry needs in Davis read the CBS News article Lack of Laundromats Causing A Stink In Davis.

Imagine sitting in a New York or California laundromat where coffee and gourmet cheese sandwiches are served to help you pass the time away. Gone are dented vending machines with stale crackers and outdated sodas. A new type of laundromat has moved to the forefront, providing customers with a comfortable atmosphere while waiting for dingy jeans and sneakers to wash clean.

Building a New York or California laundromat is the place to be. There’s plenty of room for new start-ups. Please pass the beer while a second load of clothes flops around in an industrial dry. The typical laundromat is a mainstay of society where women, mostly mothers know, they’d have a spot to wash clothes with just a few quarters and dimes. Well, mostly quarters. An example of this stylish laundry boutiques is the Wash House, an uncommon Manhattan laundromat-bistro where food is a premium, just like detergent.

The BrainWash, a San Francisco Laundromat, has offered a laundromat and bistro featuring live entertainment, professional laundry and dry cleaning. Laundromats of this kind come with style and decorative flair. Bar of Soap laundromat isn’t the typical laundromat with plastic folding tables and chairs. Instead, cleaning laundry on colorful hand carved wooden tables brings delight to customers. The 24 coin-operated machines, wooden seats and handmade folding tables. To learn more San Francisco and New York as cities abounding with unique laundromats read the CNN article Beer, grilled cheese and really clean clothes.

Laundromats in California and New York have developed a different business itch that fills the need for more laundromats with specialized services.

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