Accelerate Page Speed with These Website Solutions

Accelerate Page Speed with These Website Solutions

Website owners only have a few seconds to capture the audience of their website. A slow loading website can render even the best marketing efforts meaningless as the website loses a majority of potential customers on their first visit.

A recent study by Akamai surveyed website visitors. The study observed that more than 47% of the respondents expected the web page to load in less than 2 seconds. More than 40% of the users said that they will abandon any page that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

According to the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog, the search engine considers site speed when determining web search ranking.

A slow website not only affects your search engine rankings, but also other important aspects of your business:

  • Customer service
  • Email signups
  • Sales conversions
  • Page views


A number of online benchmarking tools are available for calculating the website’s load time. These tools also provide tips and recommendations on improving website speed.

Google PageSpeed Insights

The PageSpeed tests mobile and desktop versions of your site. It highlights key issues that must be resolved to improve page speed.


If you’re looking for a premium benchmarking tool, you can consider the Pingdom service to determine the load time of your website.

Tips for Improving Website Speed

Premium Web Hosting

Premium web hosting is central to a fast loading time. Regardless of the amount of traffic your website gets, the web host should be capable of providing a fast load time to every single user. A number of premium web hosting services can be used for improving your website’s load time.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN boosts website performance by taking off its load. The website’s static elements are replicated on a network of servers located in different parts of the world, allowing a user to get content from the nearest server, offering the least load time.

Image Optimization

Large-sized images can reduce a web page’s speed. A number of WordPress plugins can be used to compress image files. Many image optimization software are also available for non-WordPress users.

Browser Cache

Bowser cache retains the static elements of a website in the browser of the website visitor. Returning visitors experience improved load time.

CMS Update

If you use a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, make sure that you update it regularly. Updates can often lead to improved website performance, making them faster to load.

Improving a website’s load time is an ongoing process. If performed rightly, these website speed optimization methods will increase your website’s conversion rates.

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