8 Holiday Gifts for World Travelers

8 Holiday Gifts for World Travelers

If a world traveler is on your holiday list, you don’t have to look further than travel supplies for the perfect gifts. Here are eight items that are sure to please most world travelers and will show you care.

Universal Travel Adapter and Converter

Most countries outside of North America use different voltage systems and power outlet shapes. In order to use some electronics overseas, your traveler will need to have a universal travel adapter and converter. This is the perfect gift for a world traveler who is just starting out or a business traveler who can always use a spare power adapter or converter in case one is lost.

Pressure Reducing Earplugs

Plane travel can be tough on ears due to the changes in pressure. It is common to feel pain in the ears during flight. When used during takeoff and landing, pressure reducing earplugs keep pressure in the ear equal to prevent discomfort. They can also be worn throughout the flight for noise reduction.

RFID Wallet

Security is important when traveling anywhere. Thieves can use special scanners to retrieve information from credit cards and similar items without even touching the card. Thieves then are able to make a copy of the card. Help your world traveler keep credit cards and other sensitive cards safe from RFID skimming with an RFID wallet that reduces the chance of an RFID reader from reading the account information.

Crumpled Map

Paper maps tear easily and don’t hold up to moisture well, which makes them impractical for travel. Crumpled maps are made from durable waterproof materials and are designed to be crumpled and stuffed into backpacks or pockets without a problem. They are available for many popular travel destinations, such as Rome, Paris, New Zealand and Barcelona. You can buy them at many popular online retailers and they make a wonderful gift for any international traveler.

Portable Charger for Phone

Gifts that make a traveler’s trips less stressful are always welcome. A portable phone charger lets the traveler recharge a cell phone and other devices anywhere at any time. This helps avoid the inconvenience of being in the middle of touring and losing the ability to make a call, take pictures or do other phone tasks.

Noise Canceling Headphones

International flights are long, but the flight can be easier and time can seem to go faster with the right headphones. Noise canceling headphones muffle the sounds of crying babies and jet engines and allow the wearer to enjoy music without background interference.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes maximize space in a suitcase while keeping everything neat and tidy. They come in different styles and sizes, so be sure to find out the type and size of suitcase he or she usually brings on a trip.

Traveling is an adventure, but the adventure can come with its share of stress. Your thoughtful gifts make trips abroad easier and show that you want to give your traveler something important and useful to aid these adventures.

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