7 Ways to Improve Your Skin Care Health

7 Ways to Improve Your Skin Care Health

Our beauty is important to us. Who doesn’t want to look good? The cosmetic industry is a billion dollar business. When someone comments on how healthy and young our skin looks, it makes us feel good.

Were are some ways that we can do to improve the health and look of our skin…

Drink a lot of water. Our skin already contains water because we have a protective barrier surrounding our skin, but we need to keep our body hydrated so that the water can’t escape.The body needs a perfect balance of hydration. When you are dehydrated, the skin looks dry and wrinkled. Dehydration will cause the kidneys to work in overdrive finding a way to hydrate your body if you don’t drink the proper amount of fluids. This puts you at risk for kidney stones and kidney damage If you’ve ever had a stone, then you know how painful it are.Water also helps rid toxins from your body and replenishes minerals to your skin allowing it to feel and look beautiful.

Stay out of the sun for long periods of time. Be careful spending too much time trying to get that tan. The truth is skin cancer is on the rise and you need to protect your body from the sun. Too much sun can cause damage to the pigmentation of the skin causing it to look red, stretched, and wrinkled.

Eat the right food. What goes into our mouth will reflect how we feel, but also how we look. Eat plenty of vegetables. Vegetables are full of minerals and vitamins and contribute to the health of our skin.

Stay away from soda. Soft drinks are damaging to the skin. They’re full of sugar and dangerous chemicals that can cause inflammation to the body.According to Dr. Steven Victor, a dermatologist, told Fox News that “Soda causes damage to the skin just like smoking.”


Use olive oil instead of the harsh chemicals found in over- the counter skin care products. A few months ago, there was a news story about an 113-year-old man. A question was asked of him about how he stays so young looking. His answer, olive oil. He put olive oil on his skin every day.

Get tested for allergies. Some people aren’t aware that they have allergies. Allergies can be the cause of your dry and flaky skin problems.

Stop smoking. Not only the smoke you inhale, but also the smoke that’s in the air causes damage to your skin. Look at these slideshow pictures.


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