7 Packing Essentials for a Caribbean Vacation

7 Packing Essentials for a Caribbean Vacation

The average American family of four spends $4,580 on vacation each year, according to a 2010 study conducted by Forbes. While this can be a daunting expense, there are steps you can take when packing for your Caribbean vacation that will save you money and reduce your stress level so you can concentrate on spending quality time with your family.

1. Pack a Water Filter

Giardia, also known as ‘hiker fever,’ can ruin your vacation. Avoid eating the skin of fruits and drink only bottled water. If you’ll be doing any sightseeing off of the beaten path, pack a compact filter for drinking water. A Life Straw or Sawyer Mini are light and inexpensive options.

2. Bring Sunscreen

While gift shops in the Caribbean sell sunscreen, it may not be appropriate for your skin tone and type. If you have sensitive skin, suffer with allergies or require a high-SPF sunblock, pack your own.

3. Pack Good Shoes

The Caribbean offers a jaw-dropping array of scenery, from ancient ruins to sparkling beaches. If you want to enjoy these locations, pack proper footwear. Stumbling around in sandals or a pair of worn-down sneakers puts you at risk of blisters and sprained ankles. Pack proper footwear for all the activities you have planned.

4. Take Some Entertainment

There will be times throughout your vacation when you’re waiting for a shuttle or a meal. Use this time for relaxing activities such as reading a novel, solving word puzzles or doing a small needlework project. This will provide some distraction and help you resist the urge to check in with work or start answering emails.

5. Pack Light Cotton Clothing

Cotton allows sweat to evaporate and keep you cooler than synthetics. If you’ll be visiting the Caribbean during the hot summer months, choose thin cotton clothing in light colors to keep you comfortable. Don’t forget to check the fiber content of your underclothes as well.

6. Take Along a Dressier Outfit, Too

Caribbean cuisine is known for being casual, but there are fine dining establishments available. If you’d like to enjoy fine dining or a dress dinner, pack appropriately.

7. Pack Over-the-Counter Stomach Remedies

Dehydration can lead to constipation, while dietary changes and unfamiliar foods can bring on diarrhea. Carry stomach medication with you so you can begin treatment at the first sign of trouble.

Packing carefully for your Caribbean vacation will allow you and your family to enjoy the experience and get full value for your money. These tips will help guide you in making smart packing decisions, allowing you to arrive prepared and have the time of your life!

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