5 Ways to Integrate Technology into Your Office Life

5 Ways to Integrate Technology into Your Office Life

To have a successful business, you need a productive office. To have a productive office, you need the assistance of technology. New tech is what allows office employees to finish their work. Without it, there would be a major breakdown in work flow and efficiency would suffer as a result. Thankfully, there are many ways you can integrate technology into your office life. Below are five examples.


One of the most popular methods for integrating tech into the office is a very simple idea. This is the philosophy of “bring your own device,” often shortened to the acronym, BYOD. In a traditional office setting, the employer supplies all employees with desktop computers. However, with BYOD, the employees bring their own devices. This can include laptops, tablets and smart phones.

While this is a cost cutting measure, it has certain advantages. For one, people tend to be most productive on computers they are already familiar with. According to ZDNet, a whopping 74 percent of employers plan on implementing BYOD.

2. Telecommuting

The power of the internet has allowed nearly everyone on the planet to have access to instant communication. One of the results of this for many people has been the move away from an office work space with dozens of other employees to a home office.According to surveys performed by Gallup, 37 percent of workers telecommute sometime during the week. This has been a significant transformation of office work.

3. Collaboration Software

Many projects need to be collaborated on in an office work space. This includes product development projects, marketing projects, research projects and more. However, these days, co-workers can collaborate on projects in a digital work space instead of a physical one. This is accomplished through the use of collaboration software. Such software can allow the members of a team to contribute to a project with commentary, images, group design work, video and more in a virtual work space.

4. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has transformed how many businesses store their data. No longer can data be wiped out on a company’s servers due to a power surge from a storm. If it’s backed up in the cloud, that data will still exist. Cloud computing can also greatly benefit office workers as well. All of the major office software, including programs from Microsoft and Apple, are now available in cloud form as well. This allows a person to run such office software from any computer with an internet connection without having to install it on a local drive.

5. Big Data

Lastly, another thing that can greatly assist those working in company offices is big data. Big data refers to the collection of information regarding sales, products, customers and more that is so massive that previous databases weren’t able to store all the information. However, that is no longer a problem. Being able to access and analyze this information can help a business refine its services, predict sales trends, plan promotions and better understand its customer base.

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