5 Ways to Help Ease the Pain of Arthritis

5 Ways to Help Ease the Pain of Arthritis

Arthritis is a common health condition that affects people of all ages who need to find relief from the pain in their joints. There are several ways to reduce inflammation in the body that is caused by arthritis to feel better in order to enjoy daily activities.

Arthritis Pain One: Soothing Massages from an Expert

There are massage therapists with an understanding of how to soothe painful tendons, muscles and joints in the knees, hips and back. Find a therapist who knows the type of massage treatment that is best for a particular type of arthritis. In most cases, someone with arthritis requires a gentle form of massage that does not stress delicate cartilage and bones. While undergoing a massage, it is also possible to have lotions or emollients applied to the skin that can also help to relieve pain. Some of the best essential oils to use on the skin are peppermint, eucalyptus and wintergreen.

Arthritis Pain Two: Changing a Daily Diet Plan

Many individuals with arthritis feel better when they stop consuming certain types of foods such as:

Goji berries

It is a good idea to eliminate one food at a time to find out the types that lead to discomfort and swelling of the joints. The experiment to determine the type of foods that affect the joints can take time because the substances in each food remain in the body for several days. In addition to nightshade foods, many arthritic individuals feel better after giving up dairy foods such as ice cream, milk and cheese.

Arthritis Pain Three: Exercise can reduce the Pain from Arthritis

Instead of sitting still all of the time, make sure to exercise occasionally to reduce the pain from arthritis. After a consultation with a physician, an arthritic individual will know if they can perform gentle yoga movements, swim in a heated swimming pool or ride a bicycle. A simple walk around the block can help to move the fluid through the cartilage of the joints affected by arthritis to reduce stiffness. Avoid high-impact exercise to prevent damaging sensitive joints such as the ankles.

Arthritis Pain Four: Undergo Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture is a nontraditional treatment that arthritic sufferers can use to reduce the pain in their joints. Make sure to find a qualified acupuncturist for treatments that involve inserting thin needles into specific areas of the body. The needles used by an acupuncturist are sterilized and individually packaged for each client to prevent contamination from dangerous pathogens. While undergoing acupuncture treatment, clients might recline on a table or sit in a specialized chair.

Arthritis Pain Five: Use Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements can also relieve the pain of arthritis by adding essential nutrients to the body. A few of the best include cat’s claw, ginger and turmeric. Some of these supplements are found in ready-made capsules while others are ingested as hot tea beverages. Herbs to reduce arthritis pain are found at specialty vitamin stores, supermarkets and online storefronts.

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