5 ways to Decorate with Glass

5 ways to Decorate with Glass

One of the most sophisticated ways to decorate your home to give it a fresh, new look is with glass. Versatility is the word for glass because it can be used in hundreds of ways to enhance the decor of any home. Here are five ways to decorate with glass enhancements to add atmosphere to any room in your home.

1. Glass Top Tables and Counters

Add elegance to your entryway with a glass foyer table. A glass table with simple, clean lines can be enhanced with a framed photo or favorite vase with fresh flowers. An interesting conversation piece for your dining room is a glass top table with a decorative metal or carved wood base. A custom, center island can offer more space and create an unusual divider with an extension created from glass. The extension gives the illusion of floating.

2. Glass Room Dividers

A small, open-concept, kitchen and dining area with an adjacent patio can appear more spacious with glass separating the two areas. You can create an illusion that the room is larger with white walls. A -style glass top table and glass pendant lighting complete the look.

3. Balcony Railings

A home that has a balcony with spectacular scenic views of the mountains, lake, or the ocean can feature unobstructed views. A solid wall of glass instead of the traditional railings constructed of wood, brick, or wrought iron won’t hinder panoramic scenery.

4. Add Dimension With Mirrors

When you decorate with mirrors, your options are unlimited. A small living room can seem to be larger when you hang a mirror on a wall that’s on the opposite side of a window. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger the room appears. Place a mirror with decorative edging over your fireplace. Decorate your mantle with seasonal, decorative items that are reflected in the glass. Glass candle holders will provide a festive appearance.

An antique buffet with a mirror in your dining room offers a lovely way to display china and crystal. Mirrors with etched glass are a nice touch. A master suite with a spacious, walk-in closet can have a floor to ceiling mirror, so the closet doubles as a dressing room.

5. Stained Glass Decor

Stained glass doors and windows can add color and elegance to your home. A stained glass panel in your front door as an alternative to clear glass offers privacy and allows sunlight to enter the room. Hanging, stained glass panels may be hung in any window to accent the decor of any room. Tiffany glass lamps offer soft light to a living room or bedroom.

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