5 Tips for Transitioning Your Pet into a New Home

5 Tips for Transitioning Your Pet into a New Home

When you are moving to a new home, it is important to transition your pet in the proper way to avoid having an animal that becomes anxious or physically ill. Here are five tips for helping your dog or cat transition to a new home.

Pet Transition Tip 1: Help Your Pet Learn How To Ride In a Vehicle

If your cat or dog never rides in your vehicle, then a long trip can lead to problems. Buy a special carrier for your pet, and begin to take short trips to the veterinarian or parks. Make sure that your pet becomes accustomed to street noises so that you won’t have a dog or cat that yowls for several hours while you are driving. If your cat or dog has too much anxiety while traveling, then you can request medication from your veterinarian to soothe the animal for a few hours.

Pet Transition Tip 2: Order a New ID Tag

Before you load your pet into your vehicle, order a new ID tag that has your new address and telephone number. Make sure to put this new ID tag on your pet’s color. In addition, you can visit your pet’s veterinarian to have a computer microchip inserted underneath the animal’s skin. Anyone who finds your pet can take it to a veterinarian for a scan to determine where you are located.

Pet Transition Tip 3: Bring Your Pet For a Visit

If you are moving to a nearby location, then bring your pet for a visit so that your cat or dog can walk through the new home. Stay near your pet to notice any problems that require a repair such as a place where your dog or cat can escape from the building. You can also take your pets for a walk around your new neighborhood.

Pet Transition Tip 4: Have a Supply Of Food or Treats

When you are moving your pet, your cat or dog can feel anxious, so make sure to continue the animal’s favorite diet. Bring along a supply of food and treats so that you won’t need to switch to a different dietary plan that will upset your pets. If you can’t transport food on the moving truck, then arrange to have treats and food shipped to your new home from an online store.

Pet Transition Tip 5: Board Your Pets On Moving Day

Moving day is stressful for pets, so arrange to keep your animals at a boarding facility while the movers bring in the boxes and other items. Keeping a pet at a boarding facility for the day will ensure that a cat or dog isn’t injured by a falling box.

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