5 Tips for Living with Incontinence

5 Tips for Living with Incontinence

Nearly 13 million individuals in the United States suffer from incontinence, and the majority of these individuals are older females. Living with incontinence is stressful, but experts have found five ways to make it easier to cope with this medical problem. By using these five tips, you can reduce your problems with incontinence along with continuing to live a normal lifestyle.

Incontinence Tip 1: Avoid Harsh Beauty or Skin Care Products

Some skin or beauty care items may lead to incontinence because the ingredients in the products irritate the urinary tract. It is possible to have an extreme sensitivity to the ingredients in soaps, lotions or feminine hygiene products. Notice how your body reacts to the beauty and skin care items that you buy to understand what you can’t use on a daily basis. To reduce your incontinence, look for skin and beauty products that are made with natural or gentle ingredients that won’t irritate your body.

Incontinence Tip 2: Remain Hydrated Each Day

You can remain hydrated with water to help prevent incontinence. Caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee or soft drinks may lead to increased irritation in your bladder, causing incontinence. You may also have a problem with beverages that contain high levels of sugar or citrus juice. If you have problems with incontinence after drinking some beverages, then you should only drink water.

Incontinence Tip 3: Exercise To Maintain Your Weight

If you are obese, then the excess fat in your abdominal area can press against your kidneys and bladder, leading to an urge to urinate frequently. When you are overweight and can’t find a bathroom quickly, you can have embarrassing leakage. It is important to exercise several times a week to reduce your weight so that you can avoid having incontinence while you are away from home.

Incontinence Tip 4: Avoid Certain Foods and Beverages

Certain beverages and foods can irritate your urinary tract, making it easier to have incontinence problems. The most common items that cause a burning sensation in the urethra include hot spices, artificial sweeteners and caffeine. You may need to reduce or eliminate these substances to avoid having incontinence symptoms. Keep a diary of the things that you consume and how your body reacts to determine what you must stop drinking or eating.

Incontinence Tip 5: Use Specialized Undergarments

Today, there are numerous types of specialized incontinence undergarments that are comfortable and not noticeable by others. You can find absorbent products that look like regular male or female undergarments. These items are thin and are made with chemicals that will prevent foul odors. You can find incontinence products at local drugstores, or you can buy the items online instead.

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