5 Questions to Ask you Plastic Surgeon Before Your Operation

5 Questions to Ask you Plastic Surgeon Before Your Operation

If you have cosmetic surgery scheduled in your future, then you must make sure beforehand that you’re as informed about the procedure as possible. This is why it’s crucial to ask your plastic surgeon the following five essential questions prior to your operation.

1. Ask About the Surgeon’s Qualifications

Don’t go under the knife until you’re 100 percent certain that your plastic surgeon is knowledgeable and qualified. If he or she has American Board of Plastic Surgery certification, that’s usually a green light. Make sure that your surgeon is equipped with extensive training in the exact surgery you’re receiving, as well.

2. Get Numbers From Your Surgeon

Not only is it important to know how knowledgeable and trained your plastic surgeon is, but it’s also important to find out the rough number of surgeries of this kind he or she has conducted in the past. If you want to be happy with your surgery, it’s a smart idea to opt for a doctor who is highly experienced. Don’t forget to ask your doctor how often he or she conducts your desired procedure, as well. You want to make sure that your surgeon isn’t at all rusty.

3. Ask If Your Surgeon Will Be Receiving Any Help

Talk to your surgeon and find out if he’ll have any assistance while performing your procedure. Make sure you find out exactly who will involved with your surgery. Then, ask about their qualifications, too. Get specifics regarding who will be in charge of things such as anesthesia. Find out if emergency team members will be on hand in the event of a surgical complication. Ask if any interns at the hospital will be taking part in your surgery, as well.

4. Determine How You Should Get Ready For Your Surgery

Some plastic surgery procedures call for various preparations. If you’re scheduled to get plastic surgery, you may need to refrain from smoking for a period of time beforehand, for example. You may need to lose some pounds. You may need to eat a diet as per your doctor’s instructions, too. If you already take medication, your doctor may tell you to cease using it prior to your procedure. You may also need to take an entirely brand new medication beforehand. It all depends. Make sure that your doctor is informed about any and all supplements and vitamins that you use.

5. Find Out What You Should Expect From The Recovery Process

Ask your doctor how long the recovery process should take. Find out how soon you’ll be able to resume your typically daily activities, whether they involve a career, raising young children, exercise or anything else. Recovery typically requires a couple days or even a couple weeks of your time.

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