5 Low-Cost Ways to Show Your Employees You Care

5 Low-Cost Ways to Show Your Employees You Care

Simple yet effective ways to improve workplace morale may be able to benefit almost every aspect of daily operations. Finding the affordable ways to recognize, acknowledge and celebrate employee accomplishment can allow organizations to boost morale without breaking the bank. The following examples showcase a variety of ways to express employee appreciation without placing strain on the budget.

1. Purchasing Lunch 

From offering employees the chance to win a free lunch to catering a meal for the entire office, the promise of a free lunch can often make a big difference. While buying lunch everyday can become an expensive undertaking, picking up the check is often a very cost-effective way to show employees who much they mean to the organization.

2. Offering an Off-Site Workday

While flex-time and the option to telecommute may not always be viable options in the long-term, rewarding employees with the chance to work from other locations every so often may be easier to handle. An off-site workday can mean a lot to those who are struggling to balance personal and professional obligations.

3. Office Parties and Celebrations 

The occasional office party is a great way to enhance morale and many events can often be planned for much less than employers might anticipate. Delegating event planning to any employees who might be eager to take on such a challenge and inviting all staff to chip in or participate in some way may expand the range of options that are able to fit the budget.

4. Gift-Cards and Small Rewards 

Minor rewards can often mean a great deal and many gift-cards can be purchased for little more than pocket change. Offering small rewards to top performers or fostering a little inter-office rivalry by inviting staff to compete for simple prizes can often help to maintain the right workplace atmosphere.

5. Employee Recognition Efforts 

Naming an employee of the month or celebrating the accomplishments of those who routinely meet or exceed their expectations by awarding them with a trophy, title or other incentive is a popular way to show how much an employer cares. Making employee recognition a part of the workplace could have a lasting impact on workplace morale.

Finding and Selecting the Right Options 

Businesses that see employee recognition as an ongoing concern are far more likely to achieve success with their efforts. Adopting new strategies in order to address specific needs or taking advantage of an expanded range of options in the event that the budget is able to accommodate them can have some pretty impressive results. Relying on an outdated strategy or failing to assess and alter existing efforts from time to time could leave businesses and employers missing out on countless opportunities to improve staff morale.

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