5 Advantages of Modern Wall & Floor Liners

5 Advantages of Modern Wall & Floor Liners

There is much more in our homes that helps us feel comfortable than meets the eye. Perhaps you are used to clean, odorless air of a comfortable temperature. However, if you did not have any wall or floor liners, you would not notice that at all! Wall and floor liners are essential components of a comfortable home. They accomplish important tasks such as stabilizing the temperature, providing a barrier against moisture, and keeping the air fresh and clean.

1. Improve overall longevity of your home
The cold and damp environment of crawlspaces and walls are perfect environments for mold and mildew to form. Crawlspaces in particular face this problem. Many important home components such as piping, wiring, and ventilation are exposed to the elements within crawlspaces and walls, as well as the home’s wood frame, which can suffer greatly from humidity. A liner protects these essential parts of your home, keeping them running more efficiently and for a longer time than otherwise.

2. Provide insulation
The temperature within your walls and crawlspace can become very frigid and uncomfortable. Even with insulation, this can still be an issue. Without a barrier, this will be the air that flows into your home. Combined with standard fiberglass insulation, liners are an effective safeguard against the elements outside.

3. Protect from humidity
Without liners, high levels of humidity can occur within your walls and crawlspace. Humid air can flow in from your walls and up from underneath, not only weakening the framework

4. Keep air clean
Crawlspaces in particular are perfect places for nasty odors, bacteria, and allergens from vermin and mildew to bloom. These smells and germs can rise, particularly when the temperature is increased, can rise into the home and be vented out the home’s upper areas. This is called the “stack effect”, wherein the home sucks up air from the crawlspace into its interior – including the dust, dirt, germs, and other bacteria and irritants in the air. If you or a family member have breathing problems or allergies, installing a liner is an absolute must.

5. Protect from pests
Insects, rats, and other vermin can squeeze their way into the tiniest gaps. Once they reach your home, you’ll have much more problems than unlined walls and floors. A wall or floor liner of a thick material is a proactive choice that solves this problem, sealing up every possible entrance to your home.


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