4 Unique Toys to Give This Christmas

4 Unique Toys to Give This Christmas

Decisions, decisions. It’s tough to figure out what toy or toys to give to the special child in your life this Christmas, especially when you’re looking for something a bit different. Here are four amazing and truly unique toys that are sure to bring smiles and excitement.

1. Perplexus. This sphere-shaped toy is a three-dimensional maze that functions like an obstacle course. The child moves the Perplexus with his or her hands, which causes the small metal ball to move along the various chutes, slides, and grooves. This toy may seem simple at first but provides many hours of challenge, education, and fun. Perplexus is available in Original, Epic, Twist, and Rookie types to suit the skill levels of various ages of kids. Even adults get hooked on playing with Perplexus.

2. Snap Circuits. If you’re looking for a wonderfully fun and educational toy that gets your child excited about science, this is the ideal choice for you. The extremely popular Snap Circuits line include kits with various themes, such as Snap Circuits Light, Snap Circuits Motion, Snap Circuits Arcade, Snap Circuits Sound, and many others. Each themed kit includes circuits that the child snaps together to make many captivating inventions, such as a radio, flashing lights, and a merry go round. Your child will keep busy learning for hours while enjoying the dozens of activities included in each kit.

3. MiPosaur. Getting this one-of-a-kind robot may be almost as good as having a real pet. MiPosaur doesn’t actually look like a typical robot – as you may guess from its name, it looks more like a dinosaur. It has its own personality and reacts in various ways to the child’s commands based on its computerized emotions, including excitement, annoyed, and curious. Your child controls the MiPosaur using hand gestures, a smartphone, or the trackball that comes with it. Using the trackball, your child can play fun-filled games with the MiPosaur.

4. Large Piano Dance Mat. Kids of all ages love music and dancing, so this unique, sturdy toy makes the ideal gift for young ones ages 3 and up at Christmas. It’s a gigantic mat that looks like a piano keyboard. You place it on the floor, and kids step and dance on the keys to make various musical sounds. Features include four music modes, and this cheerfully colored, oversized keyboard plays the sounds of eight musical instruments. You can adjust the volume up and down, and the keyboard’s power automatically turns off when not in use for a while. It provides a great way for kids to exercise while learning about music. Adults may be tempted to join in the fun – this keyboard is that appealing.

If you and your kids are tired of run-of-the-mill toys, get something completely unexpected this Christmas. In addition to those described here, many other unique toys are available. So get shopping, and have fun! Your kids’ delighted faces on Christmas will be worth all your shopping efforts.

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