4 Things You Should Know About the Barre Workout

4 Things You Should Know About the Barre Workout

Barre is not a new concept, but it’s a workout many of us wonder about if we’ve not yet taken a class. It’s similar to ballet in that you use the barre attached to mirrored walls to mimic ballet moves and poses, but it’s designed to strengthen your core and muscles. It’s not the dainty workout so many people mistake it for, which is why you should know these four things about the barre workout before you take your first class.

You Might Not Understand the Terms

The first few times you join barre class, you might be confused. If you’re not familiar with ballet, the names of each move, pose, and motion might confuse you. Think of the first time you took a yoga class and your instructor sent you into a Chaturanga Dandasana. You had no idea what that was, but it didn’t take you too long to associate the name with the pose as you continued to take classes. The same is true of barre.

It’s Not All Barre Work 

You might assume spending time at barre class means you’re spending all your time on the barre, but you’re spending your time in various locations. The beginning of each class is spent working on the floor. It’s designed to help you work your upper body strength prior to your core muscles.

Dress Comfortably 

Barre class is not meant for fashion. It’s meant for comfort. Your body needs to be able to move with the poses, and that means you need comfortable clothes. Nothing too tight, nothing too loose, and nothing that will ride up and make you feel uncomfortable. As for shoes, this is highly individualized to each class. Check with your instructor.

You Will Hurt 

Barre seems like a dainty exercise fit for a supermodel, but it’s a total body workout. You’ll hurt. Your muscles will be sore, your body will be exhausted, and you will be surprised just how much you work your body in one class. It’s important you don’t let the soreness deter you from coming back to class. It does get easier, and the workout is perfect for toning your muscles and maximizing your strength.

Barre is the type of workout you join when you want to work your entire body. It’s not what it seems, but you’ll realize this following your first class. You needn’t join a gym to sweat profusely on a treadmill or lifting weights all day to get a total body workout. Barre is a class that’s popular with so many people because of the total body changes it helps you make. You’re going to like the changes you see when you attend class regularly.

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