4 Smart Ways to Customize your Electronics Solutions

4 Smart Ways to Customize your Electronics Solutions

Technology is constantly changing. The electronic evolution offers customized tools to make work, home and entertainment smarter and better. Like technology, mobile apps, social networks, digital pop ups and multiple services, offer a smorgasbord of electronic solutions.

Try the tech tool “Can I Park Here.” The new iPhone app that allows you to photograph a parking sign at a location before you arrive. The $1.99 app will determine if you can park there and how long. What a time saver when traffic and time is of the essence.
The Catch app is a full-service helps you manage the information you gather and store it in a Cloud account. Catch web links, text, photos, voice memos and more. With the free Clingle app there’s never a dull moment or a loss for conversation. Users share multi-media messages with specific groups with video and audio allocated through a GPS system.

Where’s a good place to eat? Try the tasty Fondu foodies participants share bite-sized reviews about places to eat and drink. Hipmunk is a fun and interactive app for iOS and Android devices using overlay heat maps to find food, nightlife, and shopping in area neighborhoods.

In a world of technology that openly showcases photos and information on the internet, there’s a private folder waiting for you. For 99-cents, the My Secret Folder app stores photos, movies, personal contacts, notes, you don’t want people to see. The app is passcode operated and will take a photo of anyone who attempts to open your iPad or iPhone with the wrong password.

Oink isn’t the sound of a pig. Oink is a free app that allows users to rate specific dishes such as who has the best think crust pizza, chicken Marsala or spaghetti and meatballs. To learn more about electronics read the CNN article 50 new tech tools you should know about.

Technology continues to advance. Imagine walking into your house and with the click of a button, turn on your CD player, television, lawn sprinklers, and DVD player. The company CytexOne connects an audio and video system to security systems, heating, lighting and motorized blinds. Control the air conditioner or radiator with a remote control, usually for $1,000 to $1,500 per radiator. These one-touch commands are tailored to meet your lifestyle with dimmed lights, music and appliances that turn on with a button touch. To learn more about technology read The New York Times article How Smart Could I Make My Manhattan Apartment?

There is no limit or boundaries with electronics that transcend global airways. Stepping into the technology arena is a choice well made with new and innovative electronics for every area of work and life.


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