4 Low Cost Solutions for Transactional Records

4 Low Cost Solutions for Transactional Records

Transaction recording is important for any business, person or government in order to keep sound track of all important interactions. Whether it is an important business dealing, a legal case, an application, even a marriage contract, transactional record keeping is crucial. However, while the old ways of filing contracts in a large filing cabinet seemed to work and were relatively low cost, it no longer works well. For one thing, the explosion of data, contracts and legalities has made the filing cabinet too small for the large volume of transactions. Secondly, the search button is just so much faster than sifting through a filing cabinet. In order to save tremendous time, new solutions must be utilized. There are 4 low-cost solutions that work well.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a new and extremely rapidly growing source of transactional record keeping. Large companies including Amazon, Google, Box, Dropbox, HP and Dell are getting into the cloud storage game. These companies all offer an entry level free solution for people with small amounts of data to store. However, for any business,they will want a more robust option that has fees. Amazon is the current leader with its Amazon Web Services platform serving thousands of start-ups all around the world at the lowest cost.

Data Management Software
Krux provides a low cost data management tool to store a number of different pieces of transactional records. The tool includes dashboards, easy to search files and a neatly organized platform. The tool is mobile optimized and also stores data in the cloud. That makes it easy for management to access wherever they are. Best of all, there are free versions of the platform to try.


Security of transactional records is another key concern. The US government’s office of personnel was recently hacked with millions of pieces of data stolen according to CNN. That included social security numbers, government ID numbers and other critical transactional information. Spread across the network, the most robust security tools such as Kaspersky Labs is actually a low-cost option. Not only does it cover so many employees, but it also saves millions in clean-up and recovery costs. Spending on transactional security ends up being a low-cost prevention tool.

Big Data

Big data is a different issue as the number of items to store soars to the millions and billions. To organize all of this data, you need special software. One low-cost option is Tableau. It is made to help visualize millions of transactional records in one compelling chart or graph. In addition, the tool has low-cost options that are appealing for any business.

While there are many different options to consider for transactional records, the considerations above are crucial for every business. Fortunately, there are low cost options to support any decision.

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