3 Ways to create interest with Custom signage

3 Ways to create interest with Custom signage

Are you a business owner hoping to drum up new interest in your company? Are you looking for creative and economical ways to get the attention of potential new clientele in your area? Are you ready to take a few fun risks for the sake of modern and savvy advertising and communications strategy? If you’ve answered “yes” to boosting your business’ reputation and reach in your local community, then follow our guide of the three top ways to create interest with custom signage. Remember to set your budget ahead of time so that you set expectations for what you can design and actually implement in your signage. Most importantly, have fun! This is a creative way to experiment with communications.

Tip #1: Give Away T-Shirts

One creative way to share fun signage with future customers is to design and print custom t-shirts. T-shirts are walking custom signage for your business, and if the t-shirt is designed well, people will wear it — nearly almost all of the time. That’s because a well-designed or clever t-shirt is more appealing than what your business actually might be selling at a first glance. It’s a gimmick, but it’s creative, and it may be worth trying if your budget allows.

Tip #2: Plant Yard Signs

If you own a business that is related to house or yard work — such as contract or landscaping — then ask the owner of the home if you can plant custom yard signs in the yard so that neighbors and other passersby can see who did the lovely work. This is easy and effective advertising because people always are looking for good examples of renovated homes and transformed yards — and they are always looking for great recommendations. It never hurts to place a yard sign. Just make sure your logo and brand are large enough to see from the road.

Tip #3: Mail Die-Cut Signs

If you want to experiment with smaller custom signage, then consider having a company design a die-cut mailer that can double as a small sign. Mail it and it acts like a postcard ad. But then the recipient can tack it to the refrigerator or kitchen cork board. Either way, you have a creative sign that fits in the palm of the recipient’s hand. This is the perfect way to drum up interest in your company and to provide future customers with your relevant information — such as phone number, email address and any coupon information for first-time customers. It’s a great experiment that can be economical with the right design and company.

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