3 Phone Plans that are Perfect for College Students

3 Phone Plans that are Perfect for College Students

The average college student wants to save money as he struggles through his years of learning. He needs a cell phone plan that can provide him with amazing discounts, call clarity and flexibility. The following are three plans that may work well for today’s college student:


Ting is a mobile virtual network operator, which means that it doesn’t own the network. Instead, it provides customers with access to service through T-Mobile, Sprint and so on. Ting only charges people for what they use each month, which may be perfect for a college student. Cell phone plans can be as low as $6 a month during times of inactivity, or $9 a month during periods of low use. This plan mostly has positive points. The one con that it has is that data access is a bit on the expensive side. It could still be a great option for a student who only browses occasionally and doesn’t stream music and movies, though.

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is a popular option because it offers its customers some of the most affordable options in the industry. The company has done some plan revamping over the past couple years. The new plans that Republic offers put the student in control of the amount of money he’s going to spend. New customers can pay $15 for unlimited talk and text. They can then add the data package that they want. Republic charges $5 per gigabyte, which is an excellent price considering that most companies charge $10 per gigabyte or more. The Republic plan makes it a little bit easier for people who have varied data usage. Additionally, Republic offers a vast selection of cell phones that people can buy to use on their plans. They also offer the option for a new customer to bring his own device.

T-Mobile One

the T-Mobile One plans are for college students who want to use their devices for a whole lot of talking and a great deal of data. Currently, they can get unlimited talk, text, and data access for $70 a month and no taxes or additional charges. That’s if they get the post-paid plan. T-Mobile also offers prepaid plans and pay-as-you-go plans that start for as little as $3 a month. The company gives everyone an opportunity to have mobile phone service, and they offer some great deals for people who want to purchase new phones and pay by the month. Additionally, T-Mobile offers free movie streaming for people who are on post-paid plans.

Those are just a few options for the college students to review. There is definitely something for everyone who needs a mobile phone service.

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