3 Fitness Classes You Should Be Taking

3 Fitness Classes You Should Be Taking

We all have excuses for not working out enough. Most excuses center around not having enough time to properly exercise. Or, maybe for some of us, we would rather go to the dentist and get a cavity filled than work out. But what if exercise could actually be fun and enjoyable? People are more apt to continue to do something on a regular basis if they are having fun.

Zumba: Join the Party

If you love to dance, there is a fitness class perfect for you. Zumba is a dance fitness program involving aerobic and dance elements. Incorporated into Zumba are a variety of different music genres, ranging from hip-hop to salsa and mambo. According to an article featured in the NY Times, Zumba is a dance party, but a physically exhausting one. The Zumba motto is “Ditch the workout, join the party.” While there are advanced and specialty Zumba classes offered, most classes are open to people of all fitness abilities.
There are also other ways to participate in Zumba if you do not wish to attend a conventional instructor-led class. Zumba DVDs are for sale, and a Zumba fitness video game is on the market. These video games are available for both the Wii console and Xbox 360.

Beat the Heat with Water Aerobics

If Zumba is not your cup of tea, have no fear. Another up-and-coming fitness class to consider joining is a water aerobics class. Water aerobics is no longer just for old people. In fact, according to an article featured in LA Times, more and more young people are joining the ranks of water aerobics classes. These classes are taught for an hour at a time and hone in on endurance and resistance training, usually with music to make the class more interactive and enjoyable.
Besides staying cool in the summer, water aerobics is a great full body workout without the wear and tear on your body. There are water aerobics classes to meet anyone’s hardcore fitness buffs to people just looking to get some additional exercise. Some classes offered are water kickboxing, Pilates, and aqua boot camps. There is even water yoga available these days. With the Zumba movement becoming increasingly popular, aqua Zumba is now offered at select locations. The upbeat music keeps the participants lively and energetic.

For the Hardcore Fitness Buffs Out There

If you are looking for something more physically strenuous than Zumba or water aerobics, CrossFit classes will be right up your alley. Different equipment is used from multiple disciplines to produce a high-intensity, constantly varied workout. CrossFit is a competitive fitness sport and has an even distribution of male and female participants.

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