3 Easy Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

3 Easy Baby Shower Decorating Ideas
3 Simple Baby Shower Ideas
Planning a Baby Shower should be fun and effortless. The focus should be on the happy arrival, not hours of planning that are usually part of a shower. To cut down on stress, take a look at these 3 simple ideas for easily decorating a baby shower.

Throwing a party is a bit like decorating a mini house. Have a place to sit, serving space and a spot for gifts or games, and come up with a color plan.

Girl: Shabby-Chic
This is a classic, timeless look you’ll love for years to come. A shabby-chic party doesn’t have to be complicated- these simple tips will help you pull it off in no time!
For an elegant shower, stick with light colors-pinks, whites, creams, and ground the palette with textures-chenille, chiffon, tulle, or burlap for the darker color.
Use pieces from around your home for the party decor. A white dresser for a sideboard, card tables covered in light pink tablecloths, your everyday chairs tied with a simple tulle bow. Mirrors, flowers and candles are 3 essentials for anything shabby-chic.
Keep eats simple-cake-pops, cream-puffs, doughnut holes and finger-sandwiches stacked on white plates. Silverware paired with creamy napkins will complete a rose-filled table.
Games: “Guess How Many Diamonds”-place faux gems in a jar and have guests guess the number. Set up a headband-making station filled with feathers, flowers and ribbons. There are many options for a pretty, shabby-chic party!
Boy: Camping
A cute way to welcome a little boy into the wide world-a camping baby shower!
For seating, dress down bare wooden tables with camping stools or rustic benches. Simple white plates and brown napkins, and serving ware such as “log-cut” plates will work.
Keep the colors simple-browns, blues and lots of green. Place greenery with wildflowers, and décor like vintage fishing-rods, canteens and lanterns, around the room.
Pre-make s’mores and other camping treats for the guests, and add a simple chocolate cake with outdoors-y accents.
Have guests write campfire stories for your little man to read when he’s older, or set up a onesie-decorating station, full of woodland animal appliqués etc. There are loads of ideas to make a camping-themed shower special.
Gender-Neutral: Storybooks
Ask your guests to help build baby a library! This gender-neutral option is easy and always adorable.
Decorations: Use vintage children’s books, cradles, etc. keep colors neutral, and have guests bring their favorite book for baby! Fabric bunting with pictures of storybook characters is adorable. Keep treats simple, or tie them into a favorite book, such as carrots and blackberry punch for Peter Rabbit. A quiz on a well-known children’s classic will round out the fun!

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