15 Items You Need to Reload Brass Ammo

15 Items You Need to Reload Brass Ammo

Before one can start reloading and saving tons of money on ammunition, they will need to get several vital items. Although there are many more items that one will need, here are 15 of the most important items to keep in mind when setting up a reloading kit.

1. Case Cleaner
When casings are fired, they become dirty to some extend, depending on how many times they are reused. Eventually, they will need to be cleaned, so investing in a case cleaner is a must.

2. Reloading Press
A reloading press is what drops the powder chargers into each casing and seats the bullet down.

3. Reloading Dies
The reloading die screws into the press itself and is caliber specific.

4. Powder Dispenser
Instead of individually weighing out each powder charge, a powder dispenser automatically weighs out each load.

5. Powder Scale
Putting too much powder in a load can be extremely dangerous, so having a scale to weigh out each load is vital.

6. Calipers
Seating the bullet too far back in the casing can cause pressures to reach dangerous levels. A caliper will allow one to measure the exact length of the bullet and other dimensions.

7. Reloading Manuel
Each ammo manufacturer or type will have their own specific set of guidelines to follow while reloading. Not following these instructions can be very dangerous.

8. Empty Cases
Empty shell casings can easily be bough online for dirt cheap.

9. Primers
Without primers, a bullet will simply not fire. Fortunately, primers are quite cheap and come in a variety of brands and power levels.

10. Bullets
Unless one is looking to make blanks, they will definitely need to buy some bullets. Depending on the cartridge and load, these can be found in a variety of weights and designs.

11. Powder
Obviously, one will need powder to reload ammunition.

12. Shot and Wads
If one is reloading shotgun loads in particular, they will definitely need some wadding, and of course the bullets themselves.

13. Primer Sealer
Although not mandatory, it’s always nice to make sure that the primers are extra sealed so no gas can escape.

14. Dry Bullet Lube
Certain coatings can be added to the bullets themselves to prolong barrel life by reducing friction. Accuracy will also be improved as well, due to less barrel harmonics.

15. Container
Naturally, one will want a safe place to store all their home reloaded ammunition. Ammunition cases can be bought in many different sizes and shapes.

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